Inspired by the seasons


Hello Everyone, 

Spring is finally here. Not only does it bring so much beauty and color to our lives, but it also brings renewal and change. 
The energy of springtime is upward and outward as well as forward. This movement is beautifully demonstrated outside in nature, just look out the window, or go on a nice long hike in the woods. Everything is in bloom, in growth, in action. There's so much light and life going on that we can draw on this Spring energy and use it for healing, for recreating our own little worlds. 
Nature affects us - what is on the outside is mirrored on the inside. 

How is springtime manifesting in your life? What do you want to change? What do you want to achieve? How are you going to achieve that?
Do you have a plan? A goal? A project percolating in your mind? If so, Spring is the perfect time to execute it and to begin putting visions and plans into action. 

Here at Hunt Valley Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, the creativity is at its peak. After a few months of complete full stop, I am finally emerging with new plans and new ways of being. I have taken a few steps in redesigning my business: 

  • In an effort to focus more on what I do best in life, I have decided to terminate my contracts with BCBS and Cigna. Therefore I will no longer be accepting insurance. This will free up a lot of my time to be creative with other aspects of my lifework. This will happen gradually, roughly around mid June for Cigna, and the first week of July for BCBS. This period will give us enough time to discuss moving forward case by case. 

  • Stay tuned, In addition to personalized sound healing sessions, I will start offering healing sessions for groups of 5 or 6 people. 

  • You may not know this already, I have been offering virtual international healing sessions via Skype, or Zoom. I initially started these sessions for distant friends and family members, I've gotten some great feedback and decided to open up the possibility to a wider audience. I often start the session with a meditation, then we go over the pressing issues for healing. I have also offered herbal consults. 

  • Please bare with me, my work hours are set up so that I can sustain my practice and be fully present with you. I want to pay attention and stay present to nourishment so we all flourish together. 

  • My herbal line, Hummingbird Potions has a new release: Immune, A Maitake Mushroom Tincture. Maitake, like many other mushrooms, is a powerful antioxidant, according to research, it fights cancer and tumors, helps maintain a healthy blood sugar levels, and great for hormonal support. 

  • My online calendar simplifies my life, not only for scheduling but also for accepting payments. That's right, you can pay as you schedule.

  • I will start accepting new patients this summer. I love your referrals, they are most welcome, it's the best compliment you can give me, and the best way to grow. 

Spring is windy, please  wear a scarf, protect yourself from the wind. Many acupuncture points on the neck have the word "wind" as part of their names, that is because these are potential points where the wind can enter the body causing injury, like the common cold, or neck pain. Wearing a scarf and covering these points help prevent these injuries. 

Forgiveness Meditation: 
Forgiveness is another appropriate spring activity.
Meditate on it. 

Set the intention for forgiveness meditation.
Create a quite space, you can light a candle if you wish.
Sit in a comfortable position with your back erect. If you are sitting on a chair, make sure your feet touch the ground. Or you can sit in the lotus position.  
Start by inhaling deep parallel breaths along your spine. 
Center in your heart. 
Below are 3 steps in sentences. Repeat each sentence until you feel calmness in yourself, this may take a few sits. I suggest focusing on one step at a time:

~I forgive myself for all the ways I hurt myself, intentionally or unintentionally by thoughts, words or actions. 

~I ask for forgiveness from all of those whom I have hurt, intentionally or unintentionally by thoughts, words or actions. 

~I forgive all of those who have hurt me. 

I am smiling while I am writing this, also the picture of the lilac is from my garden, the aroma is intoxicating! May you have a great spring. See you soon. 

On behalf of,

Hunt Valley Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine