I started making these potions because I discovered that most of my patients did not have the time to cook raw herbs and the majority were tired of taking yet another pill, or herbal supplement. I love this medicine so much and in making these potions, I am allowing for the medicine to flow through me, and for the alchemist in me to have a creative outlet that is filled with love and healing. Every single product I make is infused with love and made out of shear joy and wonder of the vibrational essence that each herbs bring to create this music in herb form that heals.

There is a story that inspired each healing potion I made, there is also a long period of study and contemplation that usually involved several Chinese Herbal Medicine books, a few audio recordings, several walks to the forest as well as meditating with the herbs themselves.

My love for plants started at a very young age. My memory of places always included the flora. Thank you for visiting my potion’s page, I hope you found what you are looking for.

Medicine Woman,