"Rabab is truly a master of her craft as an herbalist and acupuncturist.  I've been receiving treatment from her for four years, both acupuncture and Chinese herbs; these days I see her for maintenance and for balance.  In Rabab's practice, you will find that her advice, listening, and treatment come from a place of authenticity and of healing.  She has helped me with troubles as universal as stress, anxiety, and pain, and as deeply personal as my own spiritual journey. 

Rabab is a healer. I would recommend her to anyone, especially to those closest to me.  I cannot imagine anyone receiving treatment from her and not being better for it.  She gently and genuinely effects change and healing. 

She's made such a positive impact on my life, in ways I could not have foreseen years ago when a dear friend recommended her to me, and I'm so grateful to him for the recommendation, and to Rabab for her awesomeness as a person and a friend, and for her healing techniques as a practitioner. " Tracy Woodham.


"Rabab Al-Amin has proven herself to be among the most serious students and practitioners of Chinese medicine. She has a passion for knowledge, and a sharp perspective on the deeper aspects of illness, healing, and health. The best part of being a teacher is finding engagement from students like Rabab and it's because of practitioners like her that I am optimistic for the future of the medicine" .- Lonny Jarrett, Author of Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of CM.

acupuncture review

"Rabab is artful, sensitive and insightful in her practice. She listens with her mind, body and heart and helps find the root causes of your discomfort and pain, which may be standing in the way of your total health. Thanks, Rabab." -VS

"Rabab's healing touch has helped both me and my daughter. Rabab has successfully treated my daughter for migraines, and me for IBS and chronic neck & shoulder pain. Bless you & thank you, Rabab!" -NB

acupuncture review

"Rabab is a natural healer, and her treatments have changed my energy for the better in a way that is palpable to me along with others." -FS

"I'm no longer struggling to get out of bed as a result of creaking arthritic joints; I'm no longer suffering from the protruding disc which had traditional doctors ready to operate; and my knees, injured by sports and running, and the object of 3 arthroscopic surgeries, have never worked better. I am physically, emotionally and spiritually renewed! Thanks, Rabab!" -V.S.


"Rabab has helped to transform my life. For 11 years I've been battling chronic Lyme disease- treating for 9. It was only until seeing Rabab that my quality of life returned to that which was long gone. 

Rabab is a natural healer, and her years of practice have only enhanced her innate gifts. Not only do I feel rejuvenated and refreshed when leaving her office, I also feel centered and totally at peace. The balance and energy I receive from her treatment is beyond amazing and I have recommended -and continue to recommend- her to all that I know".  Lauren Duda


On Sound Healing experiences:

"The Sound Healing session was transformational for me in subtle yet profound ways that are still continuing to reveal themselves long after the session took place. The overarching theme for me personally was inner peace within myself that I had ached for but couldn't seem to obtain. All of a sudden I was noticing that I wasn't wishing to change my circumstances, or afraid of facing situations that normally would make me anxious. I no longer was wishing to be different or better or making to do lists of what I need to change or accomplish to feel better about myself - I was able to just be, and feel completely at peace with who I am. While I wasn't expecting any of this, nor for the effects to last longer than a few days - it was the exact experience and healing I needed." 

- Kerry

Yoga Instructor