Moxibustion is the application of heat on the body and acupuncture points by burning the dried herb moxa/ Artemisia Vulgaris commonly known as Mugwort. The application of moxa ignites your health by stimulating the flow of Qi and strengthening the blood. It also warms your body and fortifies your energy. 

Moxa can be applied directly on the skin or indirectly by using a moxa stick, a moxa box or different other tools. 


Cupping is an ancient method that is practiced by many traditions to help release stagnate blood, fluids and Qi that cause illnesses in various body systems and areas. This method is very effective for treating a variety of illnesses. I use either glass cups with fire, or plastic cups with suction to get the desired effects. you may get bruises at the site of cupping, or you may not. It really depends on your body and what we are treating. At any rate, if bruising occurs, it generally fades within a few days. You should try it! 

Gua Sha: 

Gua Sha is an ancient technique that literally means "scraping sand". It is done using a lubricant and a scraping tool made out of Jade or other stones or just a plain jar lid. For lubrication, I use either a Chinese herbal liniment or a mixture of coconut oil and aromatherapy depending on the case. The scraping is done in short strokes and repetitive fashion. This technique moves stagnation of blood and Qi from the subcutaneous fascia and brings them out to the surface of the skin. There's often petechiae (redness and small bumps on the skin) -as shown in the picture. Gua sha is effective in the treatment of pain, stiffness, and symptoms of the common cold and much more.


Aromatherapy is the application of Essential oils on specific points on the body for healing purposes. This is a natural healing modality that has been around for thousands of years. I have trained with Dr. Mikael Zayat and use medicinal grade oils in my office. I may use single oils or a blend depending on what is needed.