Because Some Questions Can't Be Answered By Google!

There has been many studies that prove the benefits of meditation, you can ask google! 

Having a daily meditation practice is essential for your health. I find that being able to sit still despite my thoughts and to do lists for 20-30 minutes a day strengthens my ability to face day to day life in a very deep way to say the least.

I find that meditation brings people more stability in the face of pressure and stress. 

A simple meditation practice goes like this:

  • Set your timer for 10-20-or 30 minutes or more. 
  • find a comfortable position and sit still
  • you can close your eyes if you wish
  • Relax
  • Pay attention
  • Have no relationship to the content of your thoughts and to do lists.

Once the alarm goes off, you can go about with your daily life. Please let go of the experience of meditation and your ideas of how perfect or lousy it was. Sometimes during meditation time stops and everything appears to be full and empty all at the same time. Other times I start feeling numbness in my foot or an ache here or there… or I won't be able to let go of this or that. It is what it is, the daily practice will still do it's magic and help you strengthen your inner core and face life with much more gusto then without meditation.