Sacred Fire Potion

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Sacred Fire Salve.JPG

Sacred Fire Potion


Design based on traditional Chinese Medicine to warm and ease achy cold backs and extremities. Ignites the pilot of gate of life, and deeply warms the body allowing the warmth to fill the pathways and relaxes the sinews and relieves pain. Allows the sense of I am.

Designed, prepared and packed after two sacred journeys to Chaco Canyon and the High Sierra in a 2 OZ glass amber jar.

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A healing salve designed to ignite your fire, replenish your well and give you what it takes to be and to keep on going.

Ingredients: Ai Ye, FuZi, Gao liang jiang, Xi Xin, Lajiao, Helichrysum flowers,Yan Hu Suo, Gui Zhi, Rou  Gui, Gan Jiang in a base of olive oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax. 

Directions: Apply and massage a quarter of a teaspoon at the base of your skull, nape of your neck and the small of your back, behind your knees once or twice daily. For external use only

Hand Crafted in the USA

Eternal Water

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