Chinese Herbal Medicine: Music in Plant Form.

Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine have a long history of treating various conditions and illnesses. Its effectiveness has been proven and tested by hundreds of thousands of clinical experience over thousands of years. Chinese herbs have the capacity to treat the treat the root of illness relieving physical symptoms as well as emotional stress. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine is alchemical, the combination of the herbs prescribed make a kind of symphony  “music in plant form” that resonate with the patient taking them. 

Chines herbs come in many different shapes and forms, they are flower buds, leafs, roots, branches, tree barks, seeds, berries, fruits, peels, pearls, sea shells, sea weeds, minerals, and various animal products. The quality of the herbs is very important to me, and I make sure to deliver the best quality available to us.

Chinese Herbs are available in either:

1. Raw herbs: A combination of several herbs that I pack for you in a bag. These raw herbs are then decocted and taken as tea. 

2. Granules: These are herbs that have been processed and are in a powdered form. You do not have to cook them, just add hot water. 

3. Pill or capsule form. 

4. Tinctures: These are herbs that have been extracted in filtered water and alcohol. You would add drops to a glass of water and drink as recommended. 

Many patient ask me what is the best way to take herbs. I am an herbalist, so I naturally prefer raw herbs. But really the best delivery is the one that you will commit to taking! So choose according to what your life style permits.