Autumn Equinox

Equinox is here today officially announcing the arrival of Autumn. The gift of the season is simple yet powerful and one that we all grapple with= Balance.

What does balance mean? 

Balance is the ability to be witness to both the profound and profane in life all at the same time. To be with ugliness yet stay receptive instead of shutting down to life. Staying receptive means that our ability to let go of what doesn't serve is healthy. Healthy letting go means that we are not holding on to values and views or things, or relationships that don't serve us or the collective anymore. 

In Chinese Medicine, the Lung and the Colon are associated with the season of Autumn. 

When we become balanced then we become inspired and our hearts ♥️ can be spontaneous and love in the moment. 

Happy Balance everyone!


Autumn by the reservoir 2017