The weather forecast from an acupuncture point perspective.

I feel your frustration. Everyone is just about had it with this cold weather here in Maryland. It's March 26 and the temperatures still drop to the low 20s F. This might be OK in Canada or the Berkshires but here in Maryland, we expect to be eating fresh Asparagus from our gardens by now… and that isn't happening.

Here's the weather forecast from an acupuncture point perspective:

LR 8 Crooked Spring is an acupuncture point: Winter within Spring is an invitation to build more resources and dip deeper into what really matters. It could possibly mean that we need to be ready for something that requires more energy than the usual. Please take advantage of these extra cold days to restore your body & mind, and be ready for Spring… because it's coming.. sooner or later.

GB 43 Valiant Stream: Also Winter within Spring. This point is about springing new life with so much power and resilience that allows for flexibility while growing your new project, your ideas, your vision, etc… 

This is really a good time to exercise balancing Yin & Yang. The part of us that is frustrated and wants to spring forward is Yang and the part that is calling for more rest and quite is Yin. Start increasing your Yang activities but be mindful of getting proper rest as well.  Be careful because too much quite time at this transition between the two seasons may lead to dampness and stagnation. Too much activity may lead to exhaustion of resources and rigidity. Use your energy wisely!