Dr. Miriam Lee's recipes for cancer, anemia, and hypertension.


Dr. Miriam Lee's soups for better health.

The following recipe is by Dr. Miriam Lee, an esteemed acupuncturist and teacher for the treatment of cancer. This recipe is a basic stew and if all the ingredients are unavailable it still has great benefit.

Miriam Lee's Bean Soup Treatment for Cancer

Ingredients and Measurements:

 10 tblsp Brown rice                                       

 1 tblsp Black beans                                   

 1 tblsp Pinto Beans                          

 1 tblsp Corn or cornmeal                

 1 tblsp Azuki Beans               

 1 tblsp Barley                              

 1 tblsp Pine Nuts                            

 1 tblsp Millet                                    

 1 tblsp Mung Beans                      

 1 tblsp Buckwheat                  

 1 tblsp Split peas                   

 1 tblsp Oats                             

 1 tblsp Soya beans                           

 1 tblsp Peanuts (nip removed)         

Chinese Herbs:

Add 12 grams of each of the following: Qian-shi (Euryale seed), Mai Men Dong (Ophiopogon root), Bai Guo (Ginkgo seed) with the skin removed, Bai He (Tiger lily bulb), Lian Zi (Lotus seed), Shan yao (Dioscorea batatas), Fu Ling (poria cocos).

Preparation: Simmer the entire contents in 18 cups of water. As soon as it comes to boil, reduce heat and simmer for another 2 hours. (Do not use too high a flame as this will destroy the nutrients.) Consume over a period of 3 days. Keep unused portion in the freezer. Continue this food therapy for many months.


The next recipe is one of the best tonic broths for people with multiple deficiencies. It is one of the best treatments for weak and anemic conditions. You can opt to cook 9 grams of astragalus root, 3 to 4 grams of dang quai, 9 grams of codonopsis root and 9 red jujube dates with the broth to enhance its effects.

Miriam Lee's Bone Marrow Broth

For general weakness, lowered immune system and anemia

Boil 2 pounds organic pork spare ribs in water with 2'‘3 TBS. rice vinegar for several hours. At the beginning of boiling, skim off the gray foam. Add about 6 two inch pieces of fresh ginger to neutralize the meat toxins.

After 2 hours let broth cool down and then skim the fat off the top. Add more water. Then begin boiling again with 2 pounds of soy bean sprouts (the long ones from Chinese market) for 2 more hours.

Remove bones and fat when cool. Freeze in small containers. Add herbs if desired.

This can be used as soup stock. Drink 2 bowls a day.


Mung Bean Soup for Hypertension 

Dr. Miriam Lee would routinely sell patients with hypertension a pound of green mung beans. These are a famous heat-clearing, detoxifying and acid neutralizing food in both China and India.

She would recommend that a patient pour a cup of boiling water over two or three tablespoons of mung beans in the morning.

Cover a let steep for 20 to 30 minutes. Drink the broth and save the beans.

Repeat this process mid day and evening using the beans that are saved from each preparation. In the evening, one should also eat the beans.