Meditation: Keep It Simple.


Meditation is something that has a reputation of being easier said than done. There are thousands of CDs, books, DVDs, etc designed to help guide you through this activity… and while they may indeed help you reach a level of relaxation, they fail to help you achieve any spiritual depth, which is the most fulfilling benefit of meditation. People often think they’ve quieted their mind using these tools, but let’s face it- it’s not possible to completely shut off the mind, simply because its job is to keep wondering from one thing, to another, to another…

The meditation I practice is very simple. Through years of experience trying different methods and techniques, I’ve found that rather than aiming to quiet your mind through meditation, the ultimate goal should be free yourself of any relationship to the thought or content within your mind. Keep it simple!

Follow these simple steps with sincerity & dedication, and you’ll discover a whole new way of relating to not only your mind, but the world at large:

Set a time frame to sit with ZERO distractions.
Set an attainable, realistic goal. For example, if you say you’ll meditate for 15 minutes then it is important to see that through. It’s okay to start small!

Sit still with your back straight and upright.
Pay attention
Have no relationship to the content of your thoughts.