“Although attempting to bring about world peace through internal transformation of individuals is difficult, it is the only way.“  - HH Dali Lama

zero balancing

Zero Balancing in Baltimore

Zero Balancing “ZB” is a gentle transformative form of total body/mind/spirit healing modality and hands on body work that addresses a very wide range of physical, spiritual, and mental issues.

After assessing the structure body, I apply specific and deliberate gentle pressure and touch to the areas of tension held in the bones. This pressure creates movement of the energy and openness in these areas of tension. By the end of the session, my patients often feel taller, and at peace and most profoundly: pain free.

Before each ZB session, I encourage you to design a frame for which to hold the entire session within. I found that a well framed ZB session can result in an evolution of consciousness itself! 

Some Zero Balancing frames to consider:

1.  Wanting to be free from the desires and the fears of the mind more than anything else.

2. To renounce victimization, and take responsibility of my actions.

3. To face everything and avoid nothing, for the sake of clarity of intention, and purity of motivation.

4. To not take anything personally and to want to be transparent. 

5. To have integrity by living up to the highest I’ve seen for the sake of the whole.

Zero Balancing for Kids

How about the children?

Children of all ages can benefit from Zero Balancing. Imagine having your child’s energy field aligned and organized! That’s what Zero Balancing does, it is like feng shui for the body.  

New born babies can also benefit from a zero balancing session to help them adjust from the birth trauma. Whether passing through the birth canal naturally, being pulled by forceps, or a C-section; your baby will feel better and have less illnesses in the future if he or she receives a zero balancing session early on. 

Most ancient traditions have touch built in their culture, you will be surprised by the results!